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5 Natural Round Nesting Baskets Wild Grasses

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5 Natural Nesting Baskets.  When you think of French decor you think of rustic, old world and charming. Actually, French Country style decorating will fit beautifully into your home as well.  Colors used in French Country decor come in the full spectrum but also come in all natural and whites. Contrasting natural textures such as these five natural storage baskets on a white tablecloth or white counter creates an organic natural feel just like you get in a spa.

Whether you divide the nesting baskets up into storage or keep them nested together is up to you.

Add the 5 Natural Nesting Baskets now to your list of things to buy. Save us to your favorites so you won't forget about these lovely, tightly woven baskets with infinite uses.

Sizes as follows

Large 11x11, 10x10, 9x9, 8x8 and the smallest is 7x7


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