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Aged Tin Rooster Weathervane Sign

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$36.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Feature this Tin Rooster Weathervane sign somewhere special on your property to help direct your visitors which way to go. This directional tin Rooster sign is anchored to a piece of wood and does not spin. The directional arrow is made of wood but the pointy front and tail of the arrow are aged tin.   The Rooster cut out is attached to an aged rusted stake.

Dimensions: 26" x 8" 29" 

Outdoor decor really demonstrates your own personal taste.  Patios, lawns, and gardens all are great places for showing off your outdoor taste. This Tin Rooster is French Country Style Farmhouse Decor. You can nail this to a roof or a fence post even tho this is a sign and not a weathervane.  

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