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Allegra Turquoise Le Cadeaux Dinner Plates $16.50

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Le Cadeaux Turquoise Allegra Dinner Plates are cool and warm combination of mediterranean colors, blues, turquoise, green, gold and crackled white background.

A table setting speaks volumes to guests. No matter the occasion or the location, the right dinnerware and place settings can transform a meal and take it to all new heights. When you want to dine with style and you want to keep up with the decor and theme to match your French country home, Le Cadeaux is your answer.

Sturdy, Elegant Dinnerware, and Dishwasher Safe. Do Not Microwave.

Le Cadeaux dinner plates are great because the company creates the most beautiful red dinnerware. Better yet, you and your guests may even forget that these sturdy, yet versatile melamine plates aren’t even ceramic!  

Aside from the realistic look and feel, Le Cadeaux Turquoise Allegra dinner plates are great for kids, and for use in the summertime for outdoor entertaining or backyard birthday parties and they’re an elegant touch away from boring and unreliable paper plates. Not to mention, they’re more cost-effective and eco-friendly in the long run.

Please note that while these Le cadeaux plates are dishwasher safe, they cannot be microwaved.

When it comes to decor,  Le Cadeaux Turquoise Allegra dinner plates are also a great choice since they come in so many different patterns that are both easy to mix and match without worrying about making a mess of your decor.

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