Antique Chandelier, Circa 1880

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$125.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Antique Crystal Chandelier: 1880

Adorable antique chandelier with an extraordinary amount of crystals and details that has over 100 years of dining stories to tell us if it could speak.  This lovely light has so many crystals in such intricate patterns and linked in multiple ways that it appears as a cascade of falling crystals. The frame is beaded as well leaving this chandelier completely covered. Incredibly romantic. Add incredible sparkle and charm to any room.

48H x 28W x 28D

This Antique Crystal Chandelier from 1880 will ship white glove FREE Freight to your home, brought inside and uncrated, and set in the room of your choice. We are not able to hang the chandelier for you.  I recommend you measure your ceiling as this chandelier will need at least 11 ft high ceilings so people won't bump into it.