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Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson Rugs


French Style Aubusson

Aubusson carpets derive their name from the city of Aubusson, France, where legend depicts great looms were established to serve the country'’s aristocrats. Famed for its carpets and tapestries since the 15th century, Aubusson is thought to have originated the style of carpet from weavers from Flanders, who took refuge there in Aubusson, France.

Among the most luxurious floor coverings, based on royal preferences for beautiful lavish designs, Aubusson rugs were painstakingly crafted flat-weave tapestry carpets that rivaled the opulent architectural style of Versailles. This neoclassical style of Aubusson rugs conveys a grace, and elegance.

Today, techniques used by revered Aubusson craftsmen from France are recreated down to the last detail in every finely crafted hand-knotted Aubusson rug.


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