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Baskets & Storage

From vintage style baskets to unique 1940’s-inspired buckets, we make sure that you can keep your elegant home aesthetic while still maintaining a modern sense of practicality and organization. Like all of our specially selected homeware, these baskets exude a certain joie de vivre and old-world allure while giving you a decorative way to keep your home in order.
Your home should be an ideal, calming oasis where you can retreat after a busy day, so it may benefit you to tuck away from clutter to make your house as inviting as possible. Our vintage style baskets are a great way to keep the great feel of your space while also keeping it organized. All those odds and ends that you find around your home can be neatly and stylishly hidden away. Also, you can even have a basket full of candles or linens ready for a cozy evening with guests!

There are dozens of ways to master the warm elegance that French country homes exude with practical little secrets scattered around your house. Whatever you may need to tuck away, we have the perfect technique to hide it. Not only will your space feel calmer with less clutter, but our original storage choices will actually enhance the decor of the room.

Enjoy a browse of our gorgeous vintage style baskets and unique storage items to see how you can achieve simple organization that matches your personal style. Let your style thrive as you personalize your home down to every practical detail.