Bed Scarf in White Linen

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White Damask Bed or Table Runner in white linen 114" x 24". Can be used on beds that are full, queen or king.

This beautifully embroidered white damask runner with ruffles added to either end,  can be used on your dining table or across the end of your bed as a bed scarf/runner to add elegance and beauty. It makes a stunning centerpiece on any table. It is made in Eastern Europe of 100% Linen and comes with Made of 100% linen.

How is linen different from cotton? Linen is among the most exquisite things found in nature. It is beautiful to the eye and beautiful to the touch. Made from flax fibers, linen fabrics date back nearly ten thousand years.  Ancient Egyptians considered linen a symbol of affluence, health, purity and light. 

Size 114 x 24.



White Damask Bed or Table Runner 114" x 24"

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