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Bee Tumbler Set of Six in Emerald Green

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Bee Tumblers Emerald Green Set/6

 À votre santé! Whether you are toasting with a group at a special event or just enjoying a glass of water at home, these La Rochere bee tumbler glasses will add a touch of sophistication to the experience. Francophile approved, these elegant glasses feature the classic French bee— a symbol of Provence with ancient origins. If you travel along Southern France, you’ll start to notice the bee symbol everywhere, and these lovely La Rochere Bee Tumblers are an essential part of an enduring tradition.

Bottoms Up

Sold in sets of six, these La Rochere Bee Tumbler glasses in emerald green will provide years of service if cared for properly. This glass is perfect water, juice, as well as for spirits and cocktails on the rocks. Buy a set for personal use, or order a dozen for entertaining guests. You can never have too many tumblers.

Order Yours at Maison de Kristine

We take great pride in our hand-curated inventory, and we’re confident you’re going to fall in love with your new La Rochere green glasses. If you’d like more information about these glasses, or if you’d like a free consultation to help you choose the right lifestyle accessories for your personal tastes, just give us a call at 206.359.0810. Order these exceptional champagne glasses today. 

Dimension 4" High, 9.1 oz

Diameter: 3 1/4"

Dishwater safe.

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