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Biere Stemmed Abbey Glass with Gold Rim Set of 4

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Expected release date is 1st Mar 2020

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Biere Tulip Glass with Gold Rim

Make sure you use the right glass for each type of beer, so you can fully enjoy the subtle nuances that make a good beer so special. This bulbous tulip-shaped glass is ideal for Lambics, Belgian ales, barleywines, stouts, and other strong or sweet brews. If you’re looking for the best beer glass for home or pub use, look no further.

Glass Features

This glass features a pronounced, curved lip that captures and supports a large, foamy head. The round shape makes it easy to swirl the liquid vigorously to release the full aroma and flavor of your beer. The wide mouth allows you to savor the scent of the beer as you sip, maximizing your enjoyment until the last drop. These glasses fit 16 ounces of your favorite suds, and the gold trim around the rim adds a touch of elegance. After trying many others, we can confidently say that this is the best tulip beer glass out there.

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This product sells at a minimum order of four, and we’re happy to provide free shipping for orders of 12 or more. If you have any questions about this glass or any of our other fine home furnishings and lifestyle accessories, please give us a call at 206.359.0810 so we can assist you.


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