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Remodeling...French Market Basket to the Rescue!

Remodeling...French Market Basket to the Rescue!

26th Jul 2016

I desperately need a mani pedi...and my husband is wondering what's for breakfast...ha ha ha... so I point to the opened bag of potato chips left by contractors the day before but request he stay away from the unopened barbecued style ones because those are his dinner.

I feel so totally out of control right now!

Everything we own is packed away in boxes because we are getting ready to move but are remodeling at the same time.

Do you have any idea what that looks like?

No you probably don't. You probably know better.

But for laughs this is what it looks like:

Outside in the garden weeds are strangling the vegetables...nuff said there.

Inside the trash bags are tossed over lamp shades to protect from drywall dust.

My cell phone gets lost at least twice a day and most of the time found dead by somebody else.

My credit card seems lost but is usually found anywhere from the front passenger seat of the car (underneath the dog) or out in the road andfortunately picked up by friendly passerby's. (my neighbors are worried about me)

My hair has that French look (x 10)...very tossled and messy...extra chic!

My toothbrush lives on the back of the toilet... I pray nobody uses it inappriopriately. But of course I have it wrapped carefully in toilet paper to keep it covered and protected from the elements.

The one and only thing which has kept me semi organized is my French Market Basket which I have been using like a suitcase. I keep all my important papers close at hand. It has my bills, my computer, my magazines, my water, my car keys, my sunscreen, my cell phone, my calendar, my sunglasses and a few stray grapes and gum wrappers. I take it everywhere I go in case I have time to clean it out or attempt to pay some bills.

Once you have a French Market Basket it's hard to not need it. It's hard to do without them. They are so superior to a big purse because they are open at the top and very accessible to grab out what you need or throw in what you don't need. You can throw them down onto the dirty floor and not worry about it like you would your expensive purse.

So, today is a new day, I am attempting to bring some control & organization into our lives. It's been an hour and so far so good. I am not yet out of bed which is probably why so far so good...but my husband has been up working since 4am & managed to find a clean red solo cup to fill with All Bran Cereal (sans milk & spoon) for his breakfast and I am currently going after those few grapes (see pic) in the bottom of my French market basket and calling it good.

My goal today is to stay in control of me and what I am one hour increments.

Will post an update tomorrow on how it know...with the chips and all.

Take care,


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