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Bon Appetit on White Organic White Linen Towel

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$7.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Everyone needs to own at least one of these beautiful linen hand or kitchen towels.  Elegance exudes throughout all the products made by this manufacturer. The products are very affordable yet radiate elegance. Start with this chic Bon Appetite hand or kitchen towel.  It's French message says to "enjoy your meal".  Bon Appetite is what you wish for everyone dining at your home or restaurant..  This hand or kitchen towel has the right feeling you want to express to your friends and family. The fabric is 100% European linen with a beautiful scrolling embroidered message.   This hand or kitchen towel is the perfect accent for your table. For care machine wash and lay flat to dry.  

Features:  Brown embroidery on white linen says Bon Appetit, organic linen, 19"x29".

We found this manufacturer right down the street from our house.Crown Linen Design believes we should be happy in our home, whether we are sitting at our kitchen table, dining room table,  bedroom, or bathroom.  Their linen producers, who are from Eastern Europe,  provide some of the worlds finest linens. Timeless, classic, and elegant designs, these linens are now your opportunity to pass down beautiful heirlooms just like your grandmother's linens.  Another reason for Crown Linen Designs is to provide an economic opportunity for the people of Eastern Europe and for a chance to bring beauty to their lives. We love linen and their linen gives everyone an opportunity to own beautiful linen, give beautiful linen as a lovely hostess gift,  and enrich everyone's lives with beautiful surrounds.

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