Butter Dishes

Butter Dishes

French Beurre Covered Butter Dish


Every baguette deserves a little butter! This charming oversized kitchen accessory holds a large butter cube (8+ ounces). Useful and stylish, this beurre butter dish has a delightful old-world European look that is sure to complement any countertop. Many people don’t realize that butter is best kept at room temperature for a delightfully smooth and creamy consistency, and this dish keeps your butter fresh and clean at all times. Of course, this dish also works just as well in the fridge.


Butter Dish Features


The top of this durable beurre butter dish is stamped with the word “beurre,” which is the French word for butter. The glass dome is clear so you can see when you’re running low on butter, and both the top and the bottom are dishwasher and microwave safe. This dish is perfect for busy parents on the go, or anyone who just appreciates the convenience of having butter readily available.


Accessories that Fit Your Lifestyle


At Maison de Kristine, we firmly believe that the products you use and your home décor directly affect your mood and overall happiness. Details like this lovely beurre butter dish turn an ordinary kitchen into a warm and inviting room where you want to spend time. Decorating your home in the rural French style is such a wonderful and unique way to show your personality, and it really turns a house into a welcoming home.


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