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Camel in the Stars Framed Art Print

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This high quality, whimsical and primitive, art featuring a two hump camel walking into the starry night is both breath-taking and striking.  Our captivating print of this two hump blue camel is watercolored/painted allowing brush strokes to follow the curve of the camel's humps with some overpainting in spots that create deeper blues in other parts of the print.  Side Note: In contract to the one hump camels who are typically from the dessert, ours appears able withstand cold climates and is drawn after the Hybrid Camel two hump camel who can survive in cold weather. Large snowflakes falling from the sky, again, drawn in primitive style (child-like 2 dimension) and four legs taking up much of the canvas is the complete story. I love simple subject artwork! It is called Camel in the Stars but I think after investigation it needs to change to Snow Flakes...=) and then we 

Your framing options are :

  • Gallery Wrap
  • Grey Wood (as shown)
  • White Wash

I like it as shown in the grey wood frame. Generally this order takes 3-4 weeks because all art prints are made to order.

Let this magical camel print brighten a wall in your home now!

We invite you to give us a call at 206.359.0810 if you have any questions about this art or any of our other pieces of art. Enjoy the simplicity and elegance this magical canvas will add to your walls, and experience the joie de vivre that this type of artwork embodies. Order yours today.

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