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Ceramic Baby Goat Head Trophy

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On my wall at home I have this ceramic goat trophy head...because we have goats. I love baby goats. The two, Sharpie and GG, are growing up so seems like they are one inch taller every morning I go out to feed them.  They are the sweetest funniest animal to watch. On our farm, we bought four goats right away after moving here (so we would feel more like farmers) and three of the goats were pregnant. The fourth was Jethro.  One of the goats named Jane lost her baby but the other two, Freckles and Heidi, managed fine in spite of us (their owners). We want to learn how to milk them soon for goat cheese and so far it hasn't been easy. Freckles is the herd leader and she isn't going to stand for me milking her, not going to put up with it or me.  My cousin gave me some hand warmers to warm my hands with prior so that when I try to milk her at least my hands aren't ice cold. I will let you know how that goes.  Because our four goats were not previously raised closely with people and so they are still trying to learn to trust us. For anyone you know who has goats this would make a great goat gift to give. 

Give us a call to help you order and wrap up this goat gift for someone you know. Goat lovers are kinda crazy and we love ceramic goat heads for our wall...order today!! Call us at 206 359 0810 to speak with a live staff person. 

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