Clos Du Manoir Conic Soup Bowls Set of 6

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Clos du Manoir Conic Oval Soup Bowls  - Six minimum order

These elegant French ceramic bowls are part of our Clos du Manoir dish ware line, which replicates a 19th century Belgian line. This collection quickly became one of our most popular due to the soft and simple white color, the timeless design, and the unique oval shape. Whether you’re starting your day off with a bowl of cereal, enjoying a hot bowl of soup on a cold evening, or serving guests at a restaurant, these bowls are designed to add a touch of elegance to any dining experience.

Bowl Features

You’ll always find new uses for these versatile French conic ceramic bowls. Their size is perfect for serving your favorite dish or using as a tabletop decoration. With sturdy, stoneware craftsmanship and design, your bowls will last for many years to come. Simple and chic, these bowls really add a touch of class to mealtimes, yet they’re suitable for casual use as well. Minimum orders for these Clos du Manoir bowls starts at 6 pieces and we have gift-wrapping options available.

The difference between the Conic Bowl and the Small Bowl is this one is much larger and you will find them to be perfect for serving individual salads, soups, and breakfast cereals including oatmeal. I would also say ice cream but probably the smaller bowl would be a better conscience decision.  Can't say that for a middle of the night serving of ice cream tho...then this bowl would be perfect too!


SKU 9020-1016
WIDTH 5.75"
WEIGHT 0.875lbs
CARE Dishwasher, Microwave Safe
*Dishwasher and Microwave safe 

Place Your Order Online Today - Minimum Set of 6, order 12 or more and receive .50 off each dish.

We’re passionate about the homewares that we sell. We firmly believe that little details can really light up your life, and these wonderful French ceramic bowls are part of that philosophy. If you’d like some expert advice on choosing the best products to match your home and personal style, just give us a call at 206 359 0810 for a free consultation. Give your kitchen that romantic, rustic French country home atmosphere with our charming Clos du Manoir dish ware line.


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