Clos Du Manoir White Oval Dessert Plates Set of 6

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Clos du Manoir White Oval Dessert Plates  - SET OF 6

Our simple and elegant Clos du Manoir ceramic dessert plates are a recreation of a classic line of 19th century Belgian dinnerware. These timeless plates are one of our most popular products due to their enduring blend of function and style. The pure white tone ensures that your stunning dessert is the focal point of you and your guests’ dining experience, and the unique oval shape adds a chic, unexpected touch to an otherwise traditional design.

Clos du Manoir Dishware

Our Clos du Manoir ceramic dishware line is extremely popular among restaurateurs and homeowners alike. Those who prefer a tasteful and refined atmosphere while dining are sure to fall in love with this set. Whether you need an upscale table arrangement for a dinner party or something simple for dinner with the family, our Clos du Manoir dishes are going to be a go-to dining room staple for many years.

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These dessert dishes have a minimum order of six, and we do have gift wrapping options available. If you have any questions about our Clos du Manoir ceramic dishes or any of our other wonderful home furnishings or lifestyle accessories, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 206.359.0810 so we can assist you.

The products that you use at home directly affect your quality of life, so why not use well-designed, elegant dishware? Experience the joy of living—or joie de vivre—with Maison de Kristine.

Customer Reviews (2)

An elegant touch

What a lovely change to have these gorgeous slightly oval plates on the table… Appreciated by all! Thank you! Laura

Wonderful quality and perfect size!

Any dessert ,salad , or small breakfast becomes so much more special when served on these beautiful, plates..... They are elegant, yet also suited for every day use.... I so enjoy serving myself breakfast on these plates! Barbara Oneil
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