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Clos Du Manoir White Oval Pasta Bowls Set of 6

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Expected release date is 1st Jul 2021

Clos du Manoir White Oval Pasta Bowls

These white ceramic pasta bowls are plain and simple, and that’s exactly why our customers love them! After all, your food should be the focus of your dining experience—not the plate it sits on. Our lovely Clos du Manoir dishware line is extremely popular because the pure, white color and minimalist design exudes elegance at dinner parties, in upscale restaurants, or just for meals at home. These are the last pasta bowls you’ll ever need to buy.

Weight 1.5lb
Height 2.25"
Width 9.75"
Depth 8.625"
Care *Dishwasher Safe *Microwave Safe

Simple and Refined

Omelets, salads, soups, salads, and other side dishes can be served in our versatile Clos du Manoir white ceramic pasta bowls. Ceramic is often preferred by discerning restaurateurs for its durability, so these dishes are an especially worthwhile investment. Dishware may not seem like a major consideration, but once you have an elegant and reliable set, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

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Our carefully-selected inventory includes products that fully fit the French “joy of living” philosophy. At Maison de Kristine, we strongly believe that lifestyle accessories and home furnishings—no matter how basic—can really bring a smile to your face.

We encourage you to browse the rest of our lovely Clos du Manoir dishware line. We’re sure you’ll find some wonderful dishes to complement these white ceramic pasta bowls and complete your dream home dining set. Call 206.359.0810 for more information, or simply place your order online today.


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