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Clos du Manoir

Clos du Manoir



Please note that Clos du Manoir is a very unique  - Oval Shaped - dinnerware.


Clos du Manoir French Porcelain Dinnerware 

Simple and chic, our Clos du Manoir French porcelain dinnerware line has quickly become a must-have. These dishes accurately replicate a 19th century Belgian line, and they’re recognizable by their simple and elegant white hue and unique oval shape. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends and family at home or serving guests at a restaurant, these lovely dishes are sure to impress. 

 Outfit Your Kitchen Today

We have Clos du Manoir dishes to fit any occasion. Our tea sets are perfect for an early afternoon soirée, while the French porcelain dinnerware is the ideal serving companion for a dinner party. We also have a wide variety of cereal, soup, salad, and pasta bowls, as well as mugs, cake stands, and more. These dishes add a touch of class to any meal, but they’re wonderful for casual day-to-day use as well.

 A Touch of France at Home 

Everything you use at home, from your dishware to your furniture and home décor, directly affects your overall wellbeing. If you really want to elevate your life, try surrounding yourself with home furnishings that make you smile. Bring the French countryside to your home, and enjoy the warmth and joy that this simple yet sophisticated French porcelain dinnerware can bring to your life.

Call for More Information

If you have any questions about our Clos du Manoir dishes, we encourage you to call our friendly and helpful experts at 206 359 0810. We offer a 15-day guarantee on our products, so place your order online with complete confidence. Make your next meal a special occasion to remember. Shop our Clos du Manoir line today.




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