White Down Duvet Inserts in All Sizes
White Down Duvet Inserts in All Sizes
White Down Duvet Inserts in All Sizes

ALTERNATIVE DOWN Duvet Inserts in All Sizes

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OUR TL at Home collection of down and alternative down duvet inserts are made in the USA with the finest materials and attention.  We select only the finest materials, sourced sensitively in keeping with our commitment to safe practices.  Alternative down is makes a great alternative for those with down allergies and anyone wanting a lighter weight pillow option.  Offered in all season weight, our collection is perfect all year long.

Our collection of down and alternative down down inserts are designed to give you the very best night’s sleep.   Crafted using the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as the linens themselves. As animal lovers, we are dedicated to care and welfare. We select products that do not come from farms where health and safety practices do not meet our standards. Our full collection of sham, pillow, and duvet inserts is available

Our Snow White Down and Duck Feathers are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, however we realize that allergies come in varying degrees of sensitivity and recommend that individuals with extreme sensitivities to down and feathers consider our down alternative options.

We suggest professional laundering your alternative down duvet insert due to the density of the fill material.  If you choose to home launder, please use the following guidelines:  Machine wash in an oversized machine without a center agitator using warm water and mild detergent on the delicate cycle.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Repeat the rinse cycle an additional 1-2 times to ensure the detergent is completely removed.  Dry using the low heat setting. Dry well beyond the point where the outer fabric feels dry so that the inner down clusters will be fully dry.  This often takes 3-4 cycles.  Do not iron.


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