Welcome to Maison de Kristine! Our beautiful throw pillow selection offers a wide variety of both classic and contemporary designs to choose from. Our selection includes classic Aubusson designs, large black dots, silk, bargello styles, and brightly colored designs

      Throw pillows have a long and rich history. They originated in Europe and were used as decorative pieces in homes and on furniture. In modern times, throw pillows are used to add a touch of comfort, beauty, and style to any room. With our selection of throw pillows, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your home and add a touch of sophistication to yourcor.

      Our selection of throw pillows is sure to please anycor enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a classic Aubusson design or a more modern, brightly colored design, you are sure to find the perfect pillow for your home. Browse our selection today and find the perfect throw pillow to complete your homecor.

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