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For those hoping to create a setting of warmth, elegance, and timeless beauty, French home accessories can be an incredible asset to achieving the aesthetic you desire. Whether your personal tastes tend toward chic monochromatic interiors, exquisite old world pastels, or the rich woods and luxurious fabrics of French country style, we have the perfect array of French home decor to help you transform your house into a home.

French Antique Tapestry

Finding Your Pièce de Résistance

Each setting is unique, and in order to make a truly unforgettable design statement, it’s important to consider which design elements most appeal to you. Architectural elements such as this French Antique Tapestry, circa 1800, can add depth, texture, and historic gravitas to a design scheme, while objets d’art like this Vintage Plaster Sculpture create timeless appeal and contribute to an eclectic mix of old and new styles. Vinyl Floor Cloths & Rugs can set the tone for an entire bedroom or communal living space, while French home accessories like vases and jars, such as this lovely Medium Ginger Jar Taupe Block Print, can bring out your unique personality in even the smallest details.



Ginger Jar Taupe Block Print

Creating the Perfect Interior

Color schemes vary widely, from bright, vivid colors to muted neutral tones. At Maison de Kristine, we have a little bit of everything and are pleased to offer inspiration boards of French home decor and interior design concepts on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. To create a bold, vibrant aesthetic, selections from our trove of Art Prints can add striking accents to draw the eye, and unapologetically bold Serving Trays in green and pink offer a vivacious flair to any table. Muted accent pieces such as these stylish, practical Vintage Fantastic Zinc Buckets fit perfectly with the classic French country aesthetic.

Fantastic Vintage Zinc Buckets

Adding the Finishing Touch

Country French home accessories can bring your home to life with each little detail and specially chosen element. To achieve the perfect look and feel, we recommend trusting your instincts, exploring our collection for your personal favorites, and picking the brain of our experienced design consultant to find the best pieces for you. As in all things, balance is key, and our brilliant selection of French home decor finds its perfect match in our collection of French home furnishings.

For questions about our inventory, or for help with your selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 206.359.0810 or reach us via email at With an array of French home accessories, we look forward to helping you creating the welcoming and breathtaking interior of your dreams!

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