Desk Accessories

Even the most elegant, luxuriously-appointed homes will have the need for practical desks and workspaces. Why not personalize that space with some expressive, decorative accessories?  We have an extensive assortment of unique tabletop accessories to bring your desk from ordinary to absolutely stylish. Not only will it be more pleasant for you to be in your office, but it will likely help you stay focused and happy while working at your desk.

Bold Accessories and More

Browse our collection of unique tabletop accessories to get an idea of how to stylize your office space. From pencil holders to desk trays to small decorative waste baskets, our collection has a vast array of unique hand painted items to add to your desk. Mix and match patterns and styles or get a matching set. We have wastebaskets in an array of styles, many designed by Dana Gibson, from a beautiful hand painted mosaic design to white leopard print, coral, or gold striped prints. Our waste baskets are made from bamboo or mesh and come in both rectangular and circular shapes.

Personalize Your Workspace

It is absolutely true that the environment around us has an impact on how we feel. Creating a workspace with unique tabletop accessories that feels absolutely great to be in is an important way to make sure you feel great while you work. This will not only leave you feeling more refreshed but also have a positive impact on your work. A proper French country home will have elegance and luxury in every corner of the home, especially at your desk.

Desk Accessories

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