Fiesta Frenchie Bulldog Art Pring 23x23

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For the French at Heart and the Francophile we have a new art print named Fiesta Frenchy.  I think Fiesta Frenchie is a she just because she is so decorated with festive lights.  She comes in a Gallery Wrap that is 23x23".   Festive colors of green, purple,yellow,  grey, watermelon, pink, blue, and green.  I love covering my walls with colorful prints like this print, including prints that my grandchildren have done.  This drawing is an outline without a face but we all know its a Frenchie!! This Frenchie wears its rainbow colors with pride.  

Fiesta Frenchie Gallery Wrap 23"x23" with all the colors of the rainbow.

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Width: 6.00
Height: 25.00
Depth: 25.00
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