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French Beurre Covered Butter Dish

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French Beurre Covered Butter Dish Beautiful clear depression glass style French Beurre Butter dish is our favorite kitchen essential butter dish because of its large size and ability to hold a oversized butter cube and because it keeps the butter fresh and clean. This butter dish accommodates an 8oz+ cube of butter easily and is a nice addition to your countertop & kitchen table.  Our research shows that most of the time you don't need to refrigerate your butter, especially if you are going to use it up in a few days and especially if you keep it covered in a butter dish to keep it away from air contact.  Obviously when room temperatures in the home rise or stay above 70 degrees it's probably best to keep your butter dish covered in the frig. We recommend keeping your butter dish in the refrigerator on hotter days to keep butter from melting and help it from becoming rancid.

Size: 3.5" H x 6.2" L x 3.9" W

Hustle bustle is my description for parent & kids these days who need & are wanting short cuts that add goodness & quality to their lives. We recommend our beautiful butter dish in depression glass style for all you busy parents.   Butter your toast and your sandwiches quicker without tearing the bread. Our butter dishes also make it possible to make a rues faster without having to wait to microwave the butter.  We love this sanitary butter keeper because of the clear white depression glass design. You can see thru the clear glass dome and know whether you need to add another cube so you are ready for the next meal prep. The top and bottom pieces are both dishwasher and microwave safe. The top of the butter dish has been stamped with the word "Beurre" which is the French word for butter. 

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Butter keepers are a kitchen essential whether you keep your butter on the countertop or in the refrigerator during warmer months. Because our covered butter dish is a kitchen essential it has been designed to be both an essential counter and pleasing tabletop item.

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Our butter dishes are available now and with gift wrapping options. If you have any questions about our Beurre Butter Dishes or any of our other wonderful home furnishings or lifestyle accessories, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 206.359.0810 so we can assist you.

The products that you use at home directly affect your quality of life, so why not use well-designed, elegant serving dishes? Experience the joy of living—or joie de vivre—with Maison de Kristine.

French Beurre Covered Butter Dish | Maison de Kristine 

Our French Beurre Covered Butter Dish adds a touch of class to your meal prep and meal times. Purchase this simple and essential product today at Maison de Kristine.

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