French Market Baskets

French Market Baskets

French Market Baskets

When you go to your local Farmer's Market you might want to bring along one of our baskets that can hold all your beautiful fresh produce.  One thing you have to be prepared for is that some produce still may be slightly wet and dirty and so if you put it in a paper sac or bag you may find it will tear or rip.   That isn't going to happen to one of our hardy market baskets.   When I get home from shopping I like to take all the produce I bought and soak it in cold water for a few minutes so that all the bugs and dirt still inside will float out and at the same time, take my market basket outside and shake out any dirt or bugs that may still be crawling around, and then hang it up right outside the door so that it will be ready to grab and go with me next time.

Finding the Right Basket Style for You

Our French market baskets are used as French market baskets in France and in Europe to take to their outdoor markets.  These market baskets are the perfect reusable eco shopping alternative to paper.   Chic and ideal for a trip to the farmer’s market or as a reusable grocery bag, as garden baskets or for home storage & organization stations.  I have baskets all over my house and two around my feet right now filled with current reading projects.  Maybe you're not a farmer's market type but instead need something to hold your knitting projects.  You can tote around your knitting project in a chic basket with a pretty leather handle...and a basket without a top is easier to see what's inside and get what  you need.   One of our baskets, the square storage tote with leather handles,  is just perfect for knitters because they are tall and don't tip over and I have discovered that these baskets display beautifully with rolled guest towels in the bathroom just sitting on the floor.  When summer is here any one of our market baskets can be use for a beach basket. 



Sometimes we have a need for a type of tote that can be closed, like a purse or bag, so for this we have a large zippered-top market basket.  Not all baskets need to be toted around.  Some are stationary like a linen storage basket...I am always wishing my linen  was better organized and I think you might agree with me that our leather trimmed storage baskets are beautiful enough to sit out or slide on a shelf to hold our linens in place.  They also make great toy book & baskets too.  

leather trimmed storage basket


Hand Woven Baskets Sustainably Made

Our hand-woven baskets are made in villages in Morocco out of renewable palm fibers, and provide employment at the local family level. They are can be dipped in water and reshaped if necessary.  


You can find every type of tote or basket here at Maison de Kristine.  Eco Friendly Shopping Baskets.


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