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Home Fragrance

Scents and fragrances are known for conjuring up nostalgia and have the power to make your home warm and calming. That’s why we stock our online store with only the most inviting of fragrances. Our Antica Farmacista home fragrance diffusers are made with antique inspired apothecary bottles, filled with fragrance to permeate the air through the bottles’ open neck. Each diffuser includes specialized white birch reeds that are added to further diffuse the scent.

Every scent we offer is unique. From fragrances reminiscent of a delicate sea breeze to a Satsuma citrus blend with subtle floral notes of muguet, we strive to bring your space complex and beautiful aromas. For your convenience, our Aromaflage even doubles as insect repellant! However, you needn’t worry as it is still completely free of deet, chemicals, and parabens. We strive to bring your elegant space the fragrant sophistication that it deserves with our Antica Farmacista home fragrance diffusers.

Whether you prefer a light, fresh fragrance or if you wish to celebrate the holidays with a specific seasonal delight, we have the perfect scent for you. Many of our fragrances even feature notes of silken vanilla, exotic orange, and warm cedarwood.

A favorite of ours at Maison de Kristine is inspired by blending both cool and warm floral notes. The heady scent of the Tuberose flower is united with the subtle aroma of the Hyacinth flower, which is then rounded out by the fragrance of Lily of the Valley. Make your home even more inviting with a fragrance diffuser today!