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As all true francophiles know, the kitchen or dining room is often the most important room in the house. It’s a place to gather friends and family, share laughter with loved ones, and create new memories over glasses of Burgundy and Cotes du Rhone. Inspired by the experiences of warmth, pleasure, and human connection that define our collection, we’ve assembled an array of beautiful, welcoming, and high-quality French country kitchenware to help you create a table that is at once boldly stylish and all your own. We won't let you forget that outdoor dishes in our melamine dishware are also just as important come picnic weather.

Stainless Steel Stewpot

Classic Comforts & Chic New Additions

Whether you’re cooking, hosting, or dining, the perfect finishing touches can help to create an unforgettable experience for you and those you love. At Maison de Kristine, we believe in culling the best from historically inspired favorites and contemporary takes on classic designs. Our unique collection of offerings is specially chosen to showcase your own talent for blending old and new, and to reflect a personal gift for outstanding taste.

Cheese Serving Utensils

From Preparation to Presentation

Preparing the perfect pain de campagne or Alsatian bacheofe (or any other of your French culinary favorites), the ideal French country kitchenware is a must. To master the art of le petit déjeuner or le diner, peruse our selection of copper cookware, featuring the high quality and visually stunning Mauviel Heritage and Tradition Collections. Luxe yet laid-back barware, such as the Biere Stemmed Abbey with Gold Rim, is a favorite for casual entertaining, and rustic cutlery, such as the Laguiole Cheese Serving Utensils Set, is the perfect companion to a traditional French country feast. To wish your loved ones a Joyeux Noël (or any other special occasion), our Paris Copper Cookie Cutters are not to be missed.


Cookie Cutters Eiffel Tower Fleur

Capturing the French Country Aesthetic

While other rooms of the home may be devoted to formal sophistication, the kitchen and dining room are the perfect places to embrace true French country style. Create an atmosphere of warmth, charm, and comfort with fashionable yet inviting pieces that put you and your loved ones elegantly at ease. From rustic favorites like cutting boards and silverware sets to vibrant Melamine Dinnerware and versatile outdoor dinnerware sets and serving dishes, Maison de Kristine is the perfect place to create the environment you desire for those you hold most dear.

For questions about our collection of French country kitchenware, or for a personal recommendation on our extraordinary collection, we invite you to contact us anytime at 206.359.0810, or via email at

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