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If you are looking to support a cause but are very picky about who you give to, like we are, then check out the one we give to.

NAMI is a national organization that helps support people and their families who are afflicted with mental illnesses here in the US. NAMI members are from "the trenches" and know the strengths/weaknesses of local services/doctors etc.  Their advice helped us avoid years of unnecessary suffering and can help you get in touch with the right professionals and support groups.

My beautiful younger sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when she was 16 years old. It's time to bring Mental Illness out of the closet!

You can choose to have $1 out of your 10% Newsletter Discount donated to NAMI Greater Seattle by entering, "mentalhealth", during checkout which will deduct $1 from your newsletter discount.  You can also donate directly to the national organization by following the link BELOW.

Learn more here about NAMI
Recommended reading and Film:
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"Brain damage occurs with each untreated psychotic break, gradually lowering the ceiling for recovery.  They used to think the damage was irreversible, but now they're finding the brain has more plasticity than they'd thought and that some areas are able to heal - so there's more hope on that front too.  And, ever since the newer generation of anti-psychotic medications started coming out in the mid-90s, doctors have discovered that early intervention/treatment at the first signs of psychosis slows (and sometimes arrests) the trajectory of the illness."

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