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Match The Price Guarantee

For 15 years Maison de Kristine has always provided the best prices to our customers.  In this ever increasing competitive world we want to stay competitive and be able to offer you the lowest price.  Our guarantee is simple and offers the following: if you find the exact same product at another store with a lower price we will match the lower price (our decision).  

We trust you to please email us the location of where you found the same product online. We will respond back via email with our decision to match the price but always at our discretion. Please call for a faster reply. 206 359 0810  We will always follow up our phone conversation with an email. It
 is a better record that way.

  • The item must be exactly the same &  from the same distributor. Not a knock off or copy.
  • There are retailers who do not adhere to keystone or established pricing required by the MFG and so this guarantee will not apply to them.
  • Delivery and shipping charges are not included but will be considered.
  • This offer does not include any items on sale.

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