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Navy Ikat Lamp & Shade by Dana Gibson

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Awash in color, this fantastic styled Ikat lamp reflects a keen interest in centuries old ancient traditions and seamlessly woven patterns of far flung and familiar places!  Bold colorful strokes are darlingly mixed with traditional design that has stood the test of time.

This Ikat tands 26" and comes with white or black shade. Will ship with white shade unless specified black at checkout  This is a hand painted toile lamp and is definitely an eye popper!  We adore it! Many companies list it but our price is the fairest and the lowest but we will price match anyone else's price.

Also available in green and orange.

*Price Matching - we will match pricing with anyone on this item as long as it isn't under the manufacturers stipulated price. This doesn't include any coupons or store credits offered by the store. Please be prepared to give us the website address for verification. After verification we will email you a confirmation.

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More Dana Gibson products are sold thru Stroheim and feature many of Dana Gibson's stunning wallpaper supurb designs.

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