Olive Baux Green Round Cotton French Tablecloth 70"

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Olive Baux Green, classic pattern and color, round 70" tablecloth made of high quality dye that resists fading and 100% cotton.  Classic, typical Provence, Country French family meals are spent talking and drinking and eating. Typically an afternoon or evening meal can take a couple of hours. The table is usually set with a beautiful tablecloth and candles. Wine is always served with dinner and a variety of cheeses are served for dessert following.  

Visualize a painting or photo of a French man standing under his umbrella at a French Outdoor Market selling these linens. When Spring time arrives in France you will always see this beautiful Olive Baux Green Round Cotton Tablecloth for sale at a street fair or open market in Southern or Provence France. These tablecloths just scream France! When people return from their trips to France they often comment that they wish they would have bought a tablecloth while they were there but are so relieved when they discover them for sale at Maison de Kristine.

We offer a large range of colors and sizes of tablecloths in this pattern including rectangular, square, cotton and coated.  We also have napkins, placemats, and bread baskets.  Please call to make sure we have your size in stock. 206 359 0810.



  • 63x118 Rectangle
  • 63x98  Rectangle
  • 63x78 Rectangle
  • 68x68 Square
  • 70 Round Cotton & Treated 

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