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Pansey Boxed Aubusson Cushion for Alina Single Bench

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$30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This hand-woven aubusson cushion is custom made for the Single Alina Bench.  It is down and feather filled on the inside and the outside is adorned with beautiful flowers and an inner geometric square and yet another circle within the square with a hand stitched pansey.  The flowers appear like peonys in shades of red, creme and surrounding green leaves.


The bench will ship within two to three days. Otherwise if the item is backstocked then it may ship in 8 to 12 weeks. We will call you to confirm shipment time.  If you want you can call and check stock prior to purchasing.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding returns of these items as they do not qualify to be returned.

*Price Matching - we will match pricing with anyone on this item as long as it isn't under the manufacturers stipulated price. This doesn't include any coupons or store credits offered by the store. Please be prepared to give us the website address for verification. After verification we will email you a confirmation.

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