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Pillows & Cushions

Cushions and Pillows

The French are not only experts at elegance. They are also aficionados of luxury. With that in mind, we bring you an extensive selection of French market collection pillows so that you can find the perfect combination of comfort and design. Each custom cushion is hand-picked for its unique and gorgeous style. You can choose matching pillows and cushions or curate your own combination of complimentary French designs.

Many of our cushions and pillows are hand-woven Aubusson down-filled custom pieces designed for seat benches. Adding such a stylish and elegant cushion to any seat bench will enhance a simple piece of furniture into a gorgeous item of elegance and luxury. Let every corner of your home be filled with stunning cushions and pillows to achieve the luxurious feel of a proper French country home. There is nothing like sitting back on a pile of custom hand-stitched cushions with a glass of wine to feel as though you are in the French countryside.

Take a peek at our collection of French market collection pillows and cushions. Each item has a unique scene including floral arrangements, animals, and landscapes. We even have hand-stitched Vinnie the Wine Drinker cushions, a delightful and humorous addition to your home or a gift for a wine-lover in your life.

We’ve selected every cushion and pillow to enhance the elegance, luxury, and style of your home. Get one pillow as an elegant accent on a loveseat or select an entire collection of cushions and let your creative aesthetic shine with your selection of French market collection pillows!


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