Pom Pom at Home Bon Appetit Table Napkins Set of 4

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Pom Pom at Home Bon Appetit Napkins ARE the originals! You might see others with the same Bon Appetit design but replicas are simply that and lack the quality and orginality you will find in Pom Pom at Home Linens.  These are organic, yummy, and we are lucky to offer them to our customers.  Design your table all the same colored napkins or choose to mix two napkin colors at the same table for beautiful results! 100% Linen napkins must be washed in cold water and either hung to dry or dried on a very low temperature.  You will need to iron them slightly to smooth out the linen fabric under the Bon Appetit embroidery.  Please do not bleach these napkins.  Each napkin measures 21x21 which will protect your entire lap at the table.  These are francophile treasures and if you take care of these they will last you forever. 

 It's so exciting when we find five star gems like these linen Pom Pom At Home Bon Appetit napkins to offer to our customers.

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