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 Pom at Home offers a 100% Linen napkin that comes in this and other yummy shades, especially this one shown, this bright vivid shade of cayenne!  They are unadorned napkins yet great for having a little get-together after the concert-nothing fancy.  Who are we kidding? These are linen napkins which don't ever come under the heading of unadorned people.  The linen woven cloth's framework is honest and straightforward, unpretentious but refined. All the subtles of linen are evident and manifest themselves in its name.  Linen is a woven fabric and is perhaps one of the most expensive fabrics in this world.  The reason it is so expensive is that it's hard to weave and causes the production costs to be higher than other fabrics. Here are the reasons we love and take good care our Pom Pom at Home Linen Napkins.  Pair these napkins with our Pom Pom at Home placemats

Here is the linen making process broken down simple:

1. Seed to harvest take 90 days

2. Scutching +separate the straw from the flax fibers+

3. Hackling separates the short from long fibers

4. Weaving at slower speeds

5. Geography Western Europe


Care:  Please machine wash or hand wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low or lay flat.  You can use a warm iron if needed.

Please do not bleach. It will break down the linen fibers.

Linen Colors:  Cayenne, White, Dusty Blue, Midnight, Taupe and White

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