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Quimper Breton Lug Bowl - Decor Henriot

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$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This Breton styled dish is a lovely traditional French ceramic display piece and great little bowl for cereal, fruit or ice cream.  Features either a Breton man or Woman. In France there is a custom to give a child a bowl with his or her name painted on it. 

Dimensions: 5 inches

Henriot Quimper tin glazed hand painted French faience has been manufactured in Quimper France for over 300 years.  The area of Ocmaria in the town of Quimper has been associated with pottery since the Gallo Roman era. Each piece is handmade and hand painted. One artist paints each piece from the beginning to end and has the artist’s initials.

The colors may vary. Collector piece.

A Personal Touch

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