Rhone White Beaded Pasta Bowl Set of 6

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Rhone Beaded White Pasta Plates Set of 6 with the beaded edge are perfect casual dinnerware for those times when family and friends get together. The delicate simple beaded rim is perfect for mixing and matching with all your dishes. Your food will pop on these creamy white hand dipped ceramic pasta plates. They are all carefully hand dipped in Portugal. They are sturdy enough to use everyday and pretty enough to use for dinner parties and holiday gatherings or just to serve you and your family dinner on a smaller size plate.

I believe in making my home our favorite place to go. I believe in using my best dishes for ordinary occasions. I believe in making my house so inviting that I never want to leave.  If I owned these Rhone beaded plates I would display each creamy white dish in a sideboard or hutch so I could glance at them while passing by and also just for ease of setting the table.  And setting the table for special occasions will be easy using the classic signature look of Rhone dinnerware.  The have every single serving piece you could need.  Other dishes in this Rhone white plate collection; dessert plates, pasta plates, cereal bowls, chargers, platters, and cake plates.

 A Touch of France at Home 

Everything you use at home, from your dishware to your furniture and home décor, directly affects your overall wellbeing. If you really want to elevate your life, try surrounding yourself with home furnishings that make you smile. Bring the French countryside to your home, and enjoy the warmth and joy that this simple yet sophisticated French porcelain dinnerware can bring to your life.

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If you have any questions about our Rhone beaded dishes, we encourage you to call our friendly and helpful experts at 206 359 0810. We offer a 15-day guarantee on our products, so place your order online with complete confidence. Make your next meal a special occasion to remember. Shop our Rhone Beaded Dinnerware line today.


The Rhone pasta plate measures 10" x 2" high and are dishwasher & microwave safe. They weigh 1.5 pounds each.

Minimum order 6.