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Lauren Handspun

Walked on, but never passed over, a rug is the most likely piece to tie any room together. To the generally untested, laboring over the perfect floor covering may seem absurdly ambitious, but a seamless decor is more than the sum of its parts, as beautiful as those parts may be. Seeking out genuine French Decor Rugs of the highest quality means searching for collections of unique beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our selection of rugs, spanning several styles and capturing the charm of the unassuming longère of Brittany and Normandy, is sure to yield a favorite to tie together your decor.

Vieux Carre

Simple Elegance

Hearkening to times of simple grace: when entertaining was an act of invitation, and having the carpet rolled out for you was more than a fun idiom, the rugs featured in our impeccable collection each have a unique and palpable charm. Whether the lovely De Jardin style or the intricate symmetry of a Khyber pattern, our rugs are captivating and alluring. Chic, lovely looks available in many styles make for perfect adornments to any room. Oushak and Soumack patterns are also available for those who will settle for nothing less than the most genuine expressions of French country style.

Many of the French decor rugs featured in the collection of our online boutique are crafted with the greatest attention to delicate detail. Handcrafted works of sheer artistry like the Lauren Handspun Aubusson Rug are reminiscent of a time when every detail of a room, floor to ceiling, was unique as unique as the person who chose the decor. The Vieux Carre Aubusson Rug embodies the French Quarter whimsy for which it is named and the effortless elegance therein. Many decor rugs are crafted in the Oushak style, carryovers from Turkish imports that were known to populate the fine homes of estates in Normandy and surrounding the Neuilly-sur-Seine. Today, featured classic reinventions of fine pieces emerge like this Yvette Oushak Rug.

The Beauty of France, In Your Home

Yvette Oushak

Whether you’re looking to transform a room, or simply find the perfect pièce de résistance to match your French country design, our collection is well suited to adorn your space. French decor rugs from a number of traditional cuts and designs, as well as chic and elegant contemporary pieces, are carefully chosen to match discerning tastes.

The pastoral serenity of Beaujolais is top of the list for those who love refinement in their food and drink, and the spirit of simple luxuries finds a home in our French decor rugs. Lovely underfoot, our selection is a head above in genuine French style and beauty. Allow us to share our passion for fine French home furnishings, by contacting us via email at or at 206.359.0810. We would be delighted to help you find the perfect rug to tie the room together.

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