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"Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid" goes the traditional French saying: “Little by little, the bird makes her nest.” Those with impeccable style and a taste for the ever-captivating essence of perfect finishing touches know that the bird keeps good company. Expertly plotted furnishings make for a striking decor. Carefully selected and thoroughly charming, we have put together an eclectic yet harmonious mix of designers to provide the most excellent in French home brands for you to build your perfect nest.

Antique Iron Table

Build Your Nest

Our lovely collection includes exemplars of the fine styles of the French countryside: sherie chairs and chaix stools of fetching makes, eye-catching and elegant. Evocative of the home stylings one might find in a charming Cluny fermette, these styles radiate a down-to-earth beauty. Each of the French home brands features offerings of delightful artistry. Each selection is more charming than the next, encapsulating the effortless grace at the heart of French style.

Charbonnet Armoire Putty

Simple Pleasures

As much as the great cities of France have defined style, the origins of true and lasting taste belong to the items that find their homes in the idyllic countryside. Singular styles, in high demand and often imitated, round out the essentials of our collection of French home brands. The traditional armoire finds new life in the craftsmanship of the Charbonnet Armoire by the French Market Collection. More classic pieces, such as the genuine Antique Butcher Block by Eloquence Inc., make a solid anchor piece of tremendous value; and playful takes on decorative touches like linens and window curtains (such as the Chichi Solid Sable Petal Window Curtain) are found in the ranks of the beautiful Couture Dreams collection.

What would be the perfect piece to tie your aesthetic together? Whether you hope to recreate the allure of a traditional maison de maître or to combine touches of French elegance with your own style for an altogether unique look, you’ll find amazing selections in each and every one of our home brands.

petal-Window Curtain

Bringing The Perfect Piece Home

Bit by bit, elegant piece by elegant piece of home furnishing, Maison de Kristine offers the brands of French home furnishing that capture a spirit of minimalist elegance. Allow us to guide you to the perfect match for your unique and incredible style from our wide array of offerings. We’d be delighted to hear from you! Contact us concerning any inquiries at, or via phone at 206.359.1810. Don’t wait to bring the perfect finishing piece, from one of our many astounding brands, home today!

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