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The Original Shine Doll

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Hello Friend!  I am so happy to meet you!


I believe that nothing shines brighter than a kind heart.  Take me whereever you go.  Let's spread love and kindness, the world needs it so!


Inside are 10 tokens for us to give as a random act of kindness.


They each have special phrases to show gratitude, kindness, and love.  Give them to anyone you feel inspired to, they'll know it's them you're thinking of.  At home, at school, at play, a token is a great way to make somebody's day.


Pssst...look on my back for a secret pocket that holds a token!!


Includes one 18" cloth doll, ten 1.4" wooden kindness tokens, a naming certificate.  Designed in the USA.  Made with cotton and poly fiber.  Doll face is printed.  Surface wash only.  

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD!  Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.  



The Shine Doll features an emerald green mermaid tail with gold scalloped embroidery throughout. She has a magenta scallop-trimmed top and long coral-hued yarn hair. She's finished with a printed face and a gold embroidered heart necklace. 

She comes along with a "kindness kit". Each kit includes 10 tokens with special phrases on them to show gratitude, love, kindness, hope, and friendship. These tokens are meant for children to give out as acts of kindness. Also in the kit is a list of acts of kindness to inspire your child to get started sharing and giving their tokens. The doll has a secret pocket on the back to store a token.

Additionally, each doll comes with a naming certificate. By naming their doll, your child agrees to join them on a mission to spread love! 

    • Doll size: 18 inches tall 
    • Token size: 3.6cm diameter (approximately 1.4 inches)
    • Doll materials: cotton, poly fiber
    • Doll face is printed
    • 10 wooden tokens (MDF) with non-toxic paint in lavender (kindness token), pink (love token), teal (hope token), tan (gratitude token), peach (friendship token).
    • Gift box packaging
    • Surface wash only
    • Designed with love in the USA, responsibly made in China

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