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Vases and Jars

A beautiful home comes together with details in mind. Hand-painted, high-quality ceramic jars and vases can accent your home in a unique way. A premium-quality, hand-painted ceramic jar or vase might even be the centerpiece of a room!

Throughout history, earthenware and ceramics have taken a special place in the home. Civilizations from ancient China to Babylon have coveted ceramic pieces for their functionality and design. Today, ceramic vases and jars offer an elegant way to give a nod to traditional home furnishings. In keeping with this tradition, Maison de Kristine offers gorgeous ceramic pieces that will elevate your home decor.

Ceramic Decor

A beautiful hand-painted ceramic jar can be placed on a desktop to transform a workspace from spare to charming. Position a jar on the window sill to let the sun illuminate its lovely design. Or, try adding a vase to a mantle or end table to adorn an otherwise simple living space. Whichever way you choose to feature our beautiful vases in your home, a hand-painted ceramic jar adds a timeless element.

The medium block print ginger jar from Maison de Kristine is compatible with many different design motifs. The large, abstract pattern would be at home amongst art deco pieces. It would blend in just as seamlessly in a collection of Eastern design elements, lending that beautiful ancient Chinese look to a den or living room. 

Beautiful quality, hand-painted ceramic vases and jars are beautiful all on their own. They can also be used to hold dried flowers or to showcase fresh-cut bouquets! Browse our collection online today.