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Welcome, or Bienvenue as the French would say. At Maison de Kristine, we believe that your home is so much more than the rooms and land that you inhabit. Your home should be a calming retreat designed and crafted to enliven and bring immeasurable happiness to you, your family, and guests.

Whether you’re just back from a sojourn in Provence, or you’re sticking around town to work in your garden or perfect a recipe, our driving passion is to help you curate and furnish your environment with the French country home furniture and accessories that suit your unique sense of style.

A Meditation in Casual, Elegant Style

Kristine’s journey started when she was inspired by her unt’s francophile way of life. Through her aunt’s mentorship, Kristine developed a deep fondness and appreciation for the casually elegant joie de vivre of French living. Though her dear aunt has since passed, Kristine continues to bring her passion into Maison de Kristine’s eclectic, lively collections. Each offering is curated by Kristine herself as a timeless assortment of items designed to bring out the most in your home and garden.

In The Countryside

Visit Maison de Kristine online for the very best in artisanal French country home furniture and antique replica furnishings and homewares. We stock only the most tried and true wares for your kitchen, garden, and living spaces.

From our range of French market baskets to recreations and restored vintage chateau furniture, our collections and homewares are eclectic and designed to be mixed and matched to make your home as welcoming as possible!

Decorating your home with the casual elegance of French country home furniture can be a bold expression of your personal style. Are you intrigued by the opulence of Louis XV furniture? Or do you appreciate the warm, inviting shabby chic styles found in French farmhouses? Whatever your preference, we carry pieces to make your home truly unique.

Welcome Home

The French say, “a la maison,” when they talk about being at home. What we adore about this elegant turn of phrase is the idea of home, its richness in laughter, life, and love. Though it doesn’t quite translate perfectly into American English, this notion of home as a place to be fully immersed relaxed liveliness and style resonates with us and our valued customers.

At Maison de Kristine, we advocate a life well lived, a “joy of living” that can only be evoked through a defined attention to good design and a carefree joie de vivre. After all, your home should make you smile and bring you joy.

For consultations or questions on which furnishings or lifestyle accessories fit your style and home, feel free to call 206 359 0810 or email me directly at

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