About Us

Maison de Kristine is a unique resource for stylish kitchen home goods and dining room furniture with a beautifully rustic, French countryside appeal. We’re pleased to offer an exceptional array of decor, furnishings, and home accessories to enhance the beauty and comfort of the heart of your home for years to come.

Kristine’s love of French living and style came from her dear Aunt. Though her Aunt has since passed, she mentored Kristine in all things French, from cuisine, decor, to gardening, and that certain joie de vivre that makes the French lifestyle so covetable. As such, each of our pieces are individually selected by Kristine herself, who uses her intuition and eye toward incredible design to imbue a dual spirit of discovery and home to create a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Our Remarkable Collection

A passion for both style and substance shines through this one-of-a-kind collection. Our curated selection for your home includes everything from rustic French furniture, kitchenware, to personal accessories, French market baskets, elegant gifts, and much more! For those eclectic, personal touches that reinvent your home, browse our online store. We're proud to feature premier brands from Le Cadeaux, Dana Gibson, French Market Collection, Park Hill Collection, among others. For a touch of leisurely elegance, our French Market Collection features everything from ladderback chairs, market baskets, and Aubusson rugs. If you’re seeking unique home furnishings and accessories, we invite you to personalize your environment with our collections.

A Personal Touch

At Maison de Kristine, our passion lies in crafting elegant interiors with timeless appeal, authentic comfort, and true European charm. From major furnishings to miniature objets d’art, each piece is carefully hand selected to reflect the beauty, warmth, and authenticity of your ideal home. A combination of rare vintage and current pieces reflects the spirit of true French style and lends itself to unique individual expressions in home decor. We believe that style and sophistication in home furnishings go hand-in-hand with a vibrant sense of place, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere, and we’re delighted to offer the finest pieces available to furnish your home.

A Local Tradition with International Appeal

Maison de Kristine is based in scenic La Conner, Washington. Though we’re located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are pleased to bring the charm and elegance of French country living to homes around the country and across the globe. We pride ourselves on our cosmopolitan eye and global appeal (and are always pleased to ship internationally. We also believe in connecting with all our customers, and offer world-class customer service with a personal touch. You can reach Kristine herself via mobile phone at 206.359.0810, or contact Jo for assistance regarding sales at 360.840.8964. The ladies are also available via email at kristine@maisondekristine.com and jo@maisondekristine.com.

From our home to yours, we invite you to explore our collection of the most welcoming, authentic, and luxurious furnishings and accessories, Allow us to help you embrace the rich history and beautiful appeal of French country aesthetics at Maison de Kristine.

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In case you're wondering- I am an unpaid, uncompensated, 100% genuine customer and, perhaps like you, I appreciate being treated like a valued customer, not just another "consumer" (shudder)- that's why I'll return again & again, happily, to Maison de Kristine. 

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