Welcome to Maison de Kristine, your source for the finest country French butter dishes. Our carefully curated selection of butter dishes is all made in France, with two distinct styles to choose from: the traditional French butter dish and the La Rochere glass butter dish.

      The classic French butter dish dates back centuries when it was used to store butter that was made from the cream of cows. These dishes were designed to keep the butter cool and fresh while protecting it from the elements. Our handcrafted butter dishes are made in France and feature a lid that fits snugly over a bowl, keeping butter fresh and delicious.

      The La Rochere glass butter dish is a more contemporary style of the butter dish, featuring a clear glass dish with a lid that is embossed with a timeless French pattern. This style of butter dish is perfect for creating a modern yet classic look in your kitchen. La Rochere glass butter dishes are also dishwasher-safe and chip resistant, making them a great choice for everyday use.

      At Maison de Kristine, we strive to bring you the best in French butter dishes. Whether you are looking for the classic French butter dish or the modern La Rochere glass butter dish, we have something to fit your style and taste

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