More Modern Mixed with Country French Style at Maison de Kristine

 Modern Style mixed with Country French Style at Maison de Kristine

Maison de Kristine is excited to announce that we are broadening our style to include what we would call Modern Country French. We have carefully curated a selection of unique pieces that provide an updated twist on traditional French design. Our goal is to create beautiful, timeless home decor with modern elements mixed in for a comfortable classic look.

Elements of the Modern Country French Style
The modern country French style incorporates rustic elegance and natural materials, such as wood and linen, to create a soft and comforting ambiance. This style also features bright colors and subtle patterns that give off a feeling of warmth. To make sure your look is timeless, it’s important to pair antique elements with modern ones. For instance, a classic antique wooden sideboard can be offset with our brass Rami Table Lamp for an extra touch of luxury.

Accents are also key when it comes to achieving the perfect blend of contemporary and classic. A statement rug can add texture and depth to any room while accessories like vintage mirrors or textured vases bring personality into the space. Artwork is another great way to express your individual style—choose bold prints or wallpapers for an eye-catching effect or opt for muted colors for something more subtle.

Bringing Your Look Together
At Maison de Kristine, we understand the importance of creating a cohesive look in your space that embodies both tradition and modernity. That’s why our team of experienced interior designer will work closely with you to curate custom pieces that reflect your own unique sense of style. Whether you’re looking for furniture, accents, artwork, or anything else—Maison de Kristine has everything you need to bring your vision to life!

Modern Country French is an elegant yet inviting style that brings together the best of both worlds—the charm of traditional French design and the freshness of modern aesthetics. At Maison de Kristine, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality products that allow them to create their dream homes without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Let us help you discover how this timeless look can elevate your space and make it truly unforgettable!