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Pink Ocelot Lumbar Pillow By Dana Gibson

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Now this is my vision of cat tracks on a pillow!

Awash in color, this line of pillows reflects a keen interest in centuries-old traditions and seamlessly is woven with what is modern and today! The Ocelot design with pink background heats up the room and brings passion and excitement to your bed, couch or settee.

It's designed for lumbar support of your back but who would want to hide it away from sight when it's so beautiful & sexy.  The natural camouflage of animals like the Ocelot, Leopard, cheetah, and jaguar are all designed to blend in with their natural surrounds.  If your designing your home around an Ocelot Cat theme in your bedroom or living room this pillow will have the opposite effect... this pillow will create a punch and then some without doing much more.  

This Pink Ocelot pillow measures 12x24 and is completely filled with a down insert. At Maison de Kristine our designers are always looking for bold statement pieces to mix with more traditional designs. The Pink  Ocelot Pillow by Dana Gibson meets all our expectations. You can also find this pillow in Navy Ocelot Lumbar Pillow by Dana Gibson and Orange Ocelot Lumbar Pillow by Dana Gibson here. 

Create your jungle room today and let Maison de Kristine help design it. If you have any questions please give us a call at 206 359 0810

Dry clean only.

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