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Fat Goat Art Print

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Just adorable!  This Fat Goat art is one of my favorites...probably because we have goats...but also because of how their warm friendly face is portrayed here and it's long ears that remind me of our Nubian Goats.  This goat has its tail up, a sign of good health and also has some polka dots like our goat Freckles. This goat definitely is fat but adorable. Goats normally have distended stomachs  I  especially love the long long eye lashes.  This goat does not have horns, my preference, and appears to be male just because there is no udder but that could just be a technical omission. =) Whether this is kid art or adult art doesn't matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Factoid on Goat Shapes :  You cannot tell fat from the belly. Goats are tricky because what looks fat to us is just a healthy goat. We call it "good condition". If you look at their belly, or width side to side, and this is really big or wide, that is not fat. That is good rumen development and a sign of a healthy goat. A goat's rumen is a big fermentation vat, and the bigger it is the better they process their food. A big rumen is a good thing.

Practically speaking, there is a full range of all the colors in this piece of Goat art, you will definitely find a color in this print that works with your decor.  There are two sizes available in this print.  All prints are custom ordered and take four to six weeks to produce.

Multicolored goat on a white background with reclaimed wood frame.

*All art prints are made to order and generally take 4-6 weeks. Before ordering, please contact Customer Service at This is an email link: for shipping timeline.

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