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Ornate Rusted Hanging Bird Feeder & Birdbath

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This is one of our best looking bird feeders and values. Have fun figuring out where best to put this beautiful treasure. This not only is an outdoor bird feeder. It's also an architectural ornament.  The rust finish gives it The 31" length of this hanging bird feeder adds to the likableness because you can fill an empty space anywhere outside on a wall, fence or your house.  

To feed or not to feed birds? Most of us like to feed the birds. The autobahn society says that 40 percent of Americans make it a regular habit.  So should we feed the birds or not? Absolutely!  Do these things to prevent many potential diseases.  Scrub out the feeders in a 10 percent non clorine bleach solution at least a few times a year and certainly between seasons.  Feeding Birds in the winter is especially important.  

I like the hanging bird baths opposed to the pillar style because you hang the feeder/bath high where a cat won't be able to get the birds and also the hanging bird baths/feeder is more protected from larger prey attacks because of the proximity to the house or fence.  I love having a bird feeder near my garden and usually will attach it near a water source where I can easily refill it and watch the birds enjoy a bath. Locate your hanging bird bath somewhere in the shade to slow down water evaporation and prevent algae growth.  Try to change the water daily. This bird bath is extremely easy to remove to clean and then rehang. If you position it closer to your hose then you make the task even simpler.

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